Our Vision

Reliable and friendly staff on call to complete set tasks when you require them. A guarantee that there is always someone available to complete your work, to a very high standard and within the quickest possible time. This means your management team is free to focus on the development and running of your business, which is critical for success in today’s competitive business environment.

We offer the following services:

  • Set-up and maintenance of bookkeeping and office systems
  • Regular management reporting and analysis
  • Regular management of cash flow
  • Regular weekly, monthly or quarterly bookkeeping
  • Regular debtors and creditors management
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Payroll and PAYG
  • Superannuation reporting
  • BAS and GST preparation and lodgement
  • Liaising with your accountant
  • Payroll Tax preparation and lodgement
  • Workers Compensation reporting


Through outsourcing, your organisation can eliminate the risk of disruptions to work flow due to sick, holiday and other types of leave. KH Account Solutions can assure you that the specialist administrative skills you require will be available. Risks associated with employees handling confidential information, such as payroll is no longer a worry.


Finding the right person for the job can be a real challenge, not to mention the costs associated with recruitment, training and on-going management.

KH Account Solutions can replace your administration resources with motivated and highly skilled people that will deliver superior results.

Additional savings from outsourcing to KH Account Solutions include lower workers compensation costs, insurance premiums, superannuation expenses and in some situations payroll tax.


KH Account Solutions charges on a per hour basis. We feel this is the most cost effective way to bill the client because you only pay for the services as you need them. That is, when you are busier you will generate more administration and reporting charges and when things are quieter you incur fewer charges due to a decrease in the level of work.

Invoices are issued on a weekly basis and payment is to be made within 7 days via direct deposit.


The acquisition and up-keep of technology is expensive – these costs are eliminated when you outsource to KH Account Solutions.


When you outsource to KH Account Solutions, fixed costs are converted to variable costs – therefore during quieter times you do not need to pay for employees who are in-active.
KH Account Solutions offers a flexible, cost-effective and lower risk staffing alternative to your business.